conni technology


Conni is a leading brand of reusable
incontinence products & potty training aides.

One in five of us will experience incontinence at some point in our life.
Conni is here for those moments.
Incontinence Underwear & Bed Wetting products to suit you.

From young children to the elderly, Conni products—known for superior technology and discreet comfort—help people of all ages and circumstances reclaim their confidence.

Our range is fully washable, making them environmentally sustainable, cost effective and easy to use
(so much so, that we’re the number one brand of reusable and washable incontinence products in Australia, where we first launched).

The experts love us, too: healthcare professionals around the world use our absorbent bed pads and mattress protectors.

Explore how Conni can help manage incontinence and find out why we are Australia's #1 brand and one of the most respected brands world wide.

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