Women’s Incontinence

Many American women experience incontinence – you are not alone. Conni has a range of female incontinence aids that can help you experience freedom again. Read More

Men’s Incontinence

Men just don’t want to talk about it, they don’t share the fact they have male incontinence issues with anyone. Let Conni get you back into life and the sports you love.Read More

Child Bed Wetting

Parenting a child today is hard enough without having to deal with child incontinence. Conni has a range of bed wetting aids to make your life easier when a child wets the bed.Read More

Bed Protection

Never again will you have to worry about wet beds, sheets and bedding. Conni bed protection has everything covered. It’s simple and easy for everyone to use daily.Read More

Pet Training Pads

We know you love your pets but accidents can and do happen, whether it’s an old dog or a new puppy. Conni pet training pads can help make these issues easy to deal with.Read More

Health Professionals

Health professionals are always looking for incontinence products and aids that can help the people they look after enjoy a better quality of life. That is why Conni is #1 Globally.Read More

Business and Facilities

Conni’s incontinence products are used in most leading facilities, preserving the dignity of those residents whilst saving nursing time and reducing environmental impact.Read More

Commercial Laundry

Designed for improved efficiency and lower cost in commercial laundries, Conni products are used by professionals servicing hospitals, care facilities and hospitality.Read More