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In early 2011 Kelly Jackson, from In Defense of Animals (IDA) contacted us here at Conni. IDA is a Chimpanzee Rescue Centre based in Cameroon. You can look at their work here: . Kelly asked if we had any way to help the volunteers manage night times. In particular, the gorgeous Arvid who has sadly become paralyzed after a bout of meningitis. We are shipping our bedpads to them to ensure Arvid can enjoy dry nights, in comfort, and the amazing volunteers there can pour their energy into other care. Maybe even more time for some fun activities like these which the irrepressible Arvid enjoys.


 Arvid in his 'wheels' to visit his friends.

Who is that handsome guy?

Each year our Managing Director, Glenys, donates generously to various animal causes. Last year, this was Moon Bears in China. This year we will be keeping a close eye on the brave Arvid at IDA. We hope you might consider adopting today, too!